Add an additional level of security with this application, guaranteeing safe and anonymous browsing

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2000 / Windows NT / Windows XP

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Safe IP is a program that lets users ensure their online safety. It does this by allowing them to peruse the web without identity, view previously blocked websites and disclose the IP addresses of the user. The program provides all these functions for free.

To get started, users need to follow the download instructions provided with the initial engagement of the download startup. From there, choose the location of your proxy IP. Safe IP will look after your IP address from there on out, ensuring that it stays protected even prior to the connection of your internet.

Safe IP offers databases that can protect PCs from both malware and advertisements. These databases work to keep your computer free of dangerous and unwanted safety risks. These services also keep your browser pick up speed by avoiding the time consuming effects produced by pop ups and viruses.

You'll also have the option of changing your MAC address at will. This is healthy to do every now and them to increase the anonymity of the network that you use.

Another feature of Safe IP is its ability to prevent other internet users from tracking your keystrokes, or Browser Fingerprint ID. Safe IP blocks these predators by employing a technology that prohibits this malicious tracking.

We love that Safe IP is free an will always remain that way. Unlike some other safety services, Safe IP never displays ads and never needs renewal. However, if desired, users do have the option to upgrade their accounts to include VPN or proxy mode for added security.

A great, recent addition to the program is what they call Speed Boost. It is a new framework that allows the program to connect even quicker than before. It also provides more secure pathways with internet use and even protects Torrent connections.

Safe IP is versatile and designed to be available to the vast majority of internet users worldwide. Because of this, the application is available in 26 languages. Many users live in countries with heavy censors on the internet. Others travel often between countries and want to access prohibited websites in such places. However, many users will enjoy the security features provided by Safe IP.


  • Facilitates the ability to use the web anonymously
  • Available in 26 languages
  • Increases browser speed
  • Advertisement free
  • Blocks malware


  • Could offer more languages

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